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Mission Statement

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Family Life Missions exists to partner with God to place the lonely in families.

Vision Statement

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Hope, health, and stability define the community, with the church leading the way.


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 1. We partner with God to bring His Kingdom to further fruition on earth.

2. Prayer is the cornerstone of our ministry, and the Holy Spirit is our guide.

3. We believe the church is God’s answer to the orphan crisis.

4. Excellence and best practices are paramount in everything we do.

5. Restoring relationships with God, others, self, and creation alleviates poverty.

6. The clients we serve are our number one priority.

7. We care for the children of others as if they were our very own.

8. Every child belongs in a loving family.

9. Our donors are worthy of our kindness, respect, and honesty.

10. Continual learning, training, and reevaluation are critical to our success.

Our History

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Por Los Niños was founded in 1992 in Honduras to provide a home and family for children whose biological families were not able to love and care for them. Beyond simply providing food and lodging, we have strived to meet each child’s spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. In 1997, the children’s home moved to the PLN Village, and an elementary school was added as an additional service to both the children of Por Los Niños and the children of the larger community. Since that time, Por Los Niños has continued to serve the community by placing children into families, modeling what Christ has done for each of us when He placed us into His family.

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